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About Down syndrome

Down syndrome is a condition in which a person is born with an extra chromosome. The most common form of Down syndrome is called trisomy 21, which is caused by an error in cell disjunction and an extra copy of chromosome 21 forms. This means that those with this condition have 47 chromosomes instead of 46. Down syndrome causes a distinct facial appearance, intellectual disability, developmental delays, and may be associated with thyroid or heart disease.

Early intervention programs with a team of therapists and special educators who can treat each child's specific situation are helpful in managing Down syndrome.

The chances of having a child with Down syndrome increases as a woman gets older. A 25 year old woman has a 1 in 1,200 chance of having a child with this condition, 1 in 350 chance at age 35, and 1 in 10 chance at age 49. 

About Us



Our Vision is to assure that every family within the Inland Valley and surrounding areas have a place to find the resources, support, education and social opportunities leading to a full and productive life and becoming a contributing member of his or her family and community.

Know Us

25 years ago three moms of children with Down syndrome built a friendship that grew with the idea of bringing services and support to all families. They formed the group UpforDown and began providing support and educational opportunities in the Inland Valley. 


In 2016, UpforDown became the Inland Valley Down Syndrome Association with the goal of connecting, supporting, educating, embracing and inspiring each family. IVDSA programs are stronger than ever. We continue to provide support and services through programs like Little Steps (0-3yrs) and Next Steps (4-7yrs). In 2019 social clubs like Club Awesome (8-12yrs), Teentastic (13-18yrs) and Club VIP (18+) were added to our programs.

The launching of our Lauren S. Wangler Education Program has provided over 20 families multiple learning sessions with one-to-one volunteer teachers trained to assist them with a specific learning program (DSE) developed to help children with Down syndrome with speech, language, reading and math skills.

We welcome you to join us by participating in a program, volunteering or supporting our efforts. We are passionate about our mission and our families.  

Our Family


Molly Widdicombe - Board President

Sharon Neault – Past President

Stephanie Burton –VP of Programs 

Leann Stepp -VP Fundraising 

Lacey Tello -Public Relations

Alex Valdivia -Treasurer

Eileen Linderman–Secretary

Lourdes Jovel-Acock - Workshop & Activity Coordinator

Robin Boyett- Community Outreach Coordinator


Robin Boyett & Sandia Cano -Club VIP

Leann Stepp -Teentastic

Alex Valdivia -Dad's night out

Molly Widdicombe -Hospital Outreach

Donna Troy Wangler -Education Program

Stephanie Burton–Little Steps

Laura Camacho -Next Steps

If you are interested in joining IVDSA’s Family please contact Molly Widdicombe at for more information.



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